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Creatures and characters from Brass Tacks

Rag Doll

260mm H 

Price: £16

Sad Angel

H:34 W:42 D:30 cms


Teddy with head tilt

260mm H 

Price: £24


Gargoyle on Plinth

57cm h, 27cm w, 20cm d 

Price: £50


Horned Gargoyle

300mm H

Price: £17

Sentinel Griffins

78h x 26w x 27d cm

Price: £140 each or £120 each for pair


270mm H 

Price: £16

Dinosaur on hand

H 20cm, W 16cm, D 14cm

Price: £17 


Laying Teddy

17cm h, 35cm w, 12cm d 

Price: £17

Gargoyle Geezers

43cm h, 53cm w, 28cm d 

Price: £140 each £240 for pair


(left) 25cm h, 40cm w, 23cm d (right) 27cm h, 40cm w, 20cm d 

Price: £60


Winged Gargoyle

285mm H

Price: £17


Gargoyle with pot

300mm H

Price: £17 


'Big Nose' wall plaque

Price: £12

Typhon Dragon

30cm h, 88cm w, 47cm d



Mother and Baby Teddy

220mm H 

Price: £16

Rough Gargoyle

26 H x 15 W x 15 D cm 

Price: £18


Horned Gargoyle plaque

330mm H

Price: £24 


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