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Garden statues and figurines


H:83 x W:25 x D:24cms 


Shy Maiden

H: 118cm x W: 36cm x D: 27cms




H:141 x W:53 x D:34cms


Lady Diana Hunter, antique sandstone

H:140 x W:49 x D:33cms

Lady Diana Hunter, antique white

H:140 x W:49 x D:33cms


Large Sitting Buddha

H:68 x W:42 x D:31cms



Meditating Buddha

H:31cm x W:23cm x D:18cms 



Rusty Cast Iron Lady Bust



Small Four Seasons in terracotta

H:77 x W:30 x D:25cms



Four Seasons in French grey

H:77 x W:30 x D:25cms


Small Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter figures

Prices, sizes and figures vary - please call for more information


Boy & Kittens

H: 121cm x W: 35cm x D:33cm 


Large Four Seasons figures, antique white

H:116 x W:50 x D:30cm. POA


Large Four Seasons Figures, antique sandstone



H:115cm x W:33cm x D:33cms  


Small Wall Girl

H:76 x W:34 x D:21cms



Large Basket Girl, antique white

H: 110 x W: 52 x D: 30cms



Emily Rose, antique white

H: 122 x W: 46 x D: 32cms


Male Hunter and Dog, sandstone

H: 141 x W:53 x D:53cms


Thai Standing 


H:82 x W:23 x D:20cms



Diana Bust



Apollo Bust

H: 56 x W: 34 x D: 20cms


Girl and Boy

BOY H: 16 x W:31 x D:11cms; GIRL H: 16 x W:31 x D: 12cms

£20 each

Girl with Puppies, antique sandstone

H: 121 x W: 40 x D:32cms


H:83 W:25 D:24 cms 




H:116cm x W:32cm x D:32cms 


Geisha Girl

H:64 x W:24 x D:34cms


Large Basket Girl, antique sandstone

H: 110 x W: 52 x D: 30cms


Emily Rose, antique sandstone

H: 122 x W: 46 x D: 32cms


Male Hunter and Dog, antique white

H: 141 x W:53 x D:53cms

Siam Standing


H:82 x W:23 x D:18cms


Roman Bust

H: 480mm



Blue Bell Girl

H:57 x W:16 x D:13cms



Raggamuffin Girl

H: 610mm



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